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Roots Run Wild strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and ferocity with their blend of unique instrumentation, robust styling, and powerful vocals, creating a distinct flavor seasoned by Americana, bluegrass, reggae, and folk music while frequently sneaking into pop territory with their catchy melodies and hooks.


Known for their vocal teamwork, singer-songwriters KT Lee and Kelly Ann Fernandes use music to explore the challenges of finding your own way, healing from trauma, personal growth, relationships, and developing a rich inner life and sense of self, always expressing a love of music itself and its incredible restorative power.


The band’s debut album will be released in fall 2024 accompanied by a regional tour, dates TBA.


KT Lee on baritone ukulele/vocals, Kelly Ann Fernandes on mandolin/guitar/vocals, Greg the drummer on percussion, Annette Almeida on bass.

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