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We’re Feeling the LOVE!

Wow y’all. Just wow.

We released our first single yesterday, just over 5 years after the beginning of Bliss Point (KT & Kelly’s duo), and 3 years after Greg joined us, and less than a year since the addition of Annette. To say we have been overwhelmed by your support would be the understatement of the century.

Thank you to all an our friends and fans who have taken the time to listen to R&R over the past 48 hours!

Listen to R&R everywhere you get your music!

To those who have reached out to us with your comments and feelings about the song, we are blown away by your positivity and generosity! Here are a few wonderful pieces of feedback we have received so far:

“Nice mix and balanced amount of effects. I like the melody in the chorus, it is cozy and I see it could be a great backtrack to a roadtrip near the coast!”

”Such a nice folk track! Would be great on the radio and at a festival!”

”Hell yeah! This is a triumph! I’m so into this!”

”This acoustic folk gem embraces the listener with its gentle melodies, heartfelt lyrics, good percussion and soulful vocals, creating an intimate and captivating music experience!”

”I like the summer vibe of this song!”

We can’t wait to share more of our music with you this summer and beyond! Thank you all again so much, we cannot say it enough!

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